Unlocking Profit Potential: Your Gateway to Leveraged Trading Strategies!

We employ sophisticated leveraged trading techniques based on total crypto market moves. Our strategies utilize market data and advanced algorithms to generate significant returns. Join us to take advantage of market volatility and enhance your trading portfolio. 

Leverage Trading Risks 

Leverage trading can amplify both gains and losses. It is possible to lose all your invested capital. However, our trading bot is designed with stop-loss mechanisms and has undergone extensive backtesting to mitigate risks. Please refer to the backtesting section for more details on the performance and safety measures.

Backtesting Results

We have rigorously backtested our strategies to ensure optimal performance. Below are the key results from our backtesting, starting on January 3, 2020.

Start Balance: $1,000

Max Drawdown: $9,240

Balance on 2024-03-01: $141,320

Our backtesting demonstrates the potential for substantial growth despite market fluctuations. The blue line represents the current balance over time, while the red line shows the Bitcoin price on open.

Step 1

Have an account at Binance.

Ensure you have a Binance account ready. This will be your primary platform for executing trades.

Step 2

Log in to iQube and start the process of creating the isolated environment for trading.

Access your iQube account and initiate the setup process for a secure trading environment. This step is crucial for safe and efficient trading.

Step 3

The process will ask you to provide Trading API keys.

Please make sure to allow trading of Perpetual Futures only. During this step, the wizard will also provide you with a set of IP addresses to whitelist in Binance. We will provide a video tutorial on how to complete this process.

Step 4

Click Start Trading.

This will activate your trading bot, which will begin executing trades based on our advanced leveraged trading strategies.