The Crypto Portfolio Tracker You Understand allows you to combine the power of Excel with asset price and trade history data so you can build your own Portfolio Tracker


1. Exchange integration

When you first log in to, you are asked to provide the Read-Only Api keys to the Exchange to get your trades and your current Portfolio. uses Zabo ( as an integration provider. Zabo is now a part of Coinbase family and connects to more than 100 exchanges.

2. Portfolio creation

When integration is set, creates an Excel spreadsheet and syncs all the trades and balances to the Trades and Balance sheet

3. Composing the view

Now you have all the data to compose your Portfolio. Using simple Excel operations you can now create views of your Portfolio. The sheet Prices provide current Asset Prices. The sheet Historical Prices provides daily prices for BTC since inception. You can request Historical Prices for other assets.

You can also choose one of the simple default views for your portfolio and then change it as you want


  • You can Download and Change the portfolio offline and then upload it back to so it keeps tracking the prices and trades

  • Use Chrome Extention and iQube Mobile app to quickly access your Portfolio

  • You can use suggestion functions for your Portfolio to get Portfolio Optimisation Suggestions, such as better staking recommendations, rebalancing, risk awareness, etc.

  • Apply the latest On-Chain metrics data to rebalance your Portfolio

  • You can view your portfolio from any device anytime